Supply the best existing furniture. If it doesn't exist, design it.

That is the way we create our projects. We use already existing solutions of reliable producers. All the other furniture we design making complex furniture solutions.

We work on all materials and solutions one can use to manufacture furniture. We follow the most recent trends of interior furnishing. We search for new materials and use them in our projects.

Shopping center interiors Shops and restaurants Food court
Warszawa Blue City
Food court
Warszawa Wola Park
Food court
Warszawa Łopuszańska 22
Food court Warszawa Targówek Food court Port Łódź Food court Galeria Łódzka Food court
Galeria Słoneczna Radom
Protected: Wkrótce
Food court WW
Food court
Wrocław Magnolia
Protected: Wkrótce Food court
Food court
Katowice 3 Stawy
Food court
Bydgoszcz Rondo
Food court Wałbrzych Victoria Food court
Kalisz Tęcza
Food court
Lwów Forum
Avendia Poznań